Security and embankments

The Company occasionally has to seek planning permission for changes within the estate such as additional security barriers and changes to verges and roads. For some years there has been a barrier operated by security guards at the Gatehouse on Tolpits Lane. Recently the barrier, which is linked to a camera system, was upgraded so that it operates automatically in the evenings and at weekends. Early in 2015b a second automatic barrier was erected on Russell Road. A planning application for a third barrier on Sandy Lodge Lane near the Merchant Taylors’ School main entrance has been lodged with Three Rivers District Council. Occasional traffic checks by security staff assisted by residents are undertaken at other entrances to the estate. The purpose of this policy is to deter unauthorised traffic using estate roads to cut through to surrounding areas.

London Underground embankment work

London Underground’s work of embankment remedial operations opposite to South Approach near the E Westbury Road junction has now been completed. Some mature trees at the site access had to be removed. New trees have now been planted and a wide footpath adjacent to the security fence has been constructed. It will be open to walkers when the new plants are well established.

A camera system is used at all entrances to the Estate to check on vehicles entering and leaving Moor Park and to provide a feed to allow monitoring of suspicious activities. The cameras use number plate recognition capability and average speed monitoring which enables Company security staff to identify vehicles that do not appear to have legitimate business on the Estate or are breaking the speed limit. The security cameras are remotely monitored for 24 hours a day.

The Company works closely with the local police force operating within the Safer Neighbourhood Scheme and regular meetings are held with the officers who supervise security across Moor Park and Eastbury. The police encourage people to use the non-emergency contact number of 101 if they see anyone acting suspiciously. In case of emergency, phone 999.

Historically, crime levels have been low on the Estate, both in relation to Hertfordshire and nearby neighbourhoods. The police believe that the camera system, the Estate entrance signs  and foot and vehicle patrols by the police and security staff all help to deter potential criminal activity. The police have direct access to both the number plate recognition system and cctv cameras. Data from these systems is used to catch the perpetrators of crimes that occasionally occur on the Estate.

The security cameras are monitored 24 hours a day by the security company.