Security is a shared responsibility between residents, the Company (with its security contractor) and the police.

Residents are advised to follow police advice on securing their premises and their vehicles. There is a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, started in 1983 (one of the earliest in the UK) which engages residents in warning and advising on security topics. The OWL Messaging Service also provides assistance and information on security. Residents are advised to make use of these services.

The Company engages a security contractor to provide various security services. The security guards patrol across the Estate on a constant basis, using the Company car which is marked with the distinctive Company name and logo.

The major duties of the security guards are to:

  • monitor and control vehicle access and exits to and from the Estate, restricting access to people who have legitimate business within the Estate such as travelling to the shops, schools, station or to residents’ houses
  • carry out regular patrols on foot and by car across the Estate
  • monitor and control parking on Estate roads
  • report daily to the Moor Park office on their activities and on any security problems that may have arisen.

The duties and work of the security guards are guided and monitored by Moor Park office staff and directors.

A camera system is used at all entrances to the Estate to check on vehicles entering and leaving Moor Park and to provide information on traffic flow. The cameras have number plate recognition capability so that all vehicles are recorded on the system. There are also speed warning devices which advise drivers on their speed  – the speed limit on all roads in Moor Park is 20mph.


Updated September 2018