One of the features of the Estate is that there is very little on-road parking. The general parking restriction applying to the private roads of the Estate is that parking is limited to occasional visitors to adjacent properties. Consistent with this, there is no right to park regularly on the road outside one’s own property or on crossovers across the verges. Green emblem holders may park occasionally on Estate roads as long as this does not obstruct or inconvenience other residents. The parking restriction is shown on signs at Estate entrances and reinforced by additional signs in areas where parking has been a problem. In some areas nearer the Underground station there are yellow lines to help draw people’s attention to the existence of the parking restrictions, but the absence of yellow lines does not indicate freedom to park: they merely indicate that the general Estate restrictions of parking only by occasional visitors applies.

Parking on the grass verges is never permitted because of its visual impact and because vehicles damage the verges.

There are a few stretches of road that have been designated with specific restrictions such as the section of lower Russell Road where green emblem holders may park on a regular basis should space be available.

Visitors should be encouraged to park within a driveway or if they park on the road they should do so in a manner that does not inconvenience one’s neighbours either by blocking a driveway or by making access to a driveway difficult.

During building operations, part of the consent from Moor Park (1958) Limited includes temporary permission for parking on Estate roads and sometimes on the verges where this is the least bad option. This is for the duration of the building programme only and permission is normally limited to the number of vehicles that can be safely parked outside the property without inconveniencing neighbours. Nevertheless, builders’ vehicles should wherever possible be parked on the construction site itself and provision for this needs to be considered as part of the project plan.