Parking Enforcement

Parking on Moor Park’s roads is enforced by the security team and by wardens employed by Hertfordshire County Council and Three Rivers District Council. Parking restriction signs are displayed at Estate entrances and on all roads. Vehicles parked inappropriately receive warnings either given personally to drivers by security guards and wardens, or by notices attached to the windscreen.

Parking near the shops on lower Main Avenue and on North and South Approach are clearly described on parking restriction signs. Local authority parking wardens patrol these areas and issue tickets if parking restrictions are not observed.

There are several bays at the top end of lower Main Avenue. These bays are managed by the Company and have mixed use, indicating that the bays may be used for parking by shoppers for 15 minutes only (to ensure rapid turnaround at the bays). Longer parking is allowed for drivers whose vehicles display a temporary permit issued on behalf of the Company. The parking restrictions on these bays are enforced to ensure that they are available for genuine shoppers and short-term permit users.

At the lower end of Main Avenue there are several bays, marked by green indicators, which are for Moor Park Ltd’s staff only, or they can be used (if empty) by permit holders. These restrictions are clearly indicated on the adjacent parking sign. Parking on land owned by Transport for London at the Underground station, both in the station car park and at bays outside the station, is managed by NCP on behalf of Transport for London. Information on parking here is contained on notice boards near the station.


updated April 2017