Income & Expenditure 2016-17

A detailed record of the Company’s accounts can be obtained from the document, Annual Report & Accounts 2017sent to all Members prior to the Annual General Meeting in April 2018. The Report  includes statements from the chairman and the directors. Additional copies of the Annual Report & Accounts may be obtained from the Company office.


For the financial year 1 October 2016 to 30 September 2017, the company’s income was £ 416,529.

Income for 2016-2017 came from these sources:

Contributions (Members’ frontage charges)80%
Corporate membership (including schools and golf club)15%
Planning fees3%
Other income (interest etc)2%


To give a general view of the Company’s annual expenditure, these rounded -up and down cost items have been selected from the Annual Report & Accounts 2017.

Office staff and premises70,000
Roads, lamps and lighting (excluding resurfacing of Road repairs and renewals63,000
Maintenance of trees and woodlands77,000
Security guards and cameras118,000
Professional fees (insurance, legal, accounting, audit)34,000

Financial policy

The Company’s financial policy is to protect the environment of the Estate, operating within the financial resources available from annual Members’ subscriptions, in order to provide essential services to residents and to build up a substantial Reserve Fund to pay for unexpected costs and anticipated charges such as road renewals, general maintenance, office costs and the protection of trees.

The repair and maintenance of the Estate’s roads is one of the most expensive individual services. Annual tasks include winter gritting, repairs to potholes, road markings, the erection and upkeep of signs and street lights, barrier repairs and cleaning drains. In addition there is an ambitious programme of road renewals.

Costs for security and cameras include the security guards who carry out periodic traffic checks, conduct patrols around the Estate and check incoming and outgoing traffic at the various entrances.

There are over 2800 trees on the Estate, maintained and replaced by the Company and, costing over £62,000 in 2017. The verges are owned by the Company and require diligent repair especially during periods of building work on adjacent houses.

Estate maintenance includes the cost of ground staff who keep the common areas of the Estate to an acceptable standard, the cost of footpath and verge reconstructions and the replacement of damaged bollards. New barriers with cameras have been erected at the Russell Road and Sandy Lodge Lane entrances: these assist staff in identifying and challenging vehicles entering the estate that do not display emblems mounted on the vehicles of residents, traders and delivery drivers.