Early Development

Two extracts from 1920s brochures, distributed when Moor Park was first developed as a residential estate, give a sense of its unique character:

‘A residence may be obtained in Moor Park at an approximate cost of £1,750 with two large reception rooms and four or five bedrooms, domestic offices and garage.’

‘One may enjoy quietude and seclusion (without isolation} in an old English park.’

When the Moor Park residential Estate was first developed in the 1920s and 1930s, its distinctive ‘character was established by means of a few basic principles:

In general these features have been preserved, and the character of Moor Park depends on protecting them. It is the policy of the Company to do all it can to ensure that the special character of the Estate is maintained and that any new developments observe the guidelines set out in the Moor Park Conservation Area Appraisal.