Parking on North Approach and South Approach, Moor Park

Parking restrictions on North Approach and South Approach have returned to the control of Hertfordshire County Council Highways department. These restrictions prevent parking on sections of these two roads during specific time periods. The objectives of the parking restrictions which are designed to meet the needs of local residents and local businesses are:

  • the prevention of daytime, overnight and weekend parking on these two roads which inconvenience residents seeking access to their properties
  • to provide adequate daytime overflow parking for customers visiting the shops and businesses on Lower Main Avenue
  • the provision of occasional parking for visitors to local residents, allowing visitors to park during mid-mornings and mid-afternoons.

In November 2016 the signs erected by Moor Park Ltd were removed and replaced with HCC parking signs on both North Approach and South Approach with information on allowed and disallowed parking. Parking on these roads is in a manner similar to the management of other roads on the Estate.

Three Rivers District Council managed parking restrictions will continue on Upper Main Avenue, Astons Road and a short stretch of Pembroke Road (all of which are public roads maintained by Hertfordshire Highways) and the private roads of Lower

Main Avenue and parts of Wolsey Road. However at a later date the Council signage on Wolsey Road will be removed.

The parking restrictions on North Approach and South Approach are as follows:

  • parking intended for people visiting houses, shops and businesses during the working day on Mondays to Saturdays will be limited to two 60 metre stretches of North and South Approach
  • from 8.30 to 12.30 only, parking will be permitted on a 60 metre stretch of North Approach and from 12.30 to 17.30 only on an equivalent 60 metre stretch of South Approach
  • parking is not permitted on other stretches of these roads except for occasional visitors to adjacent residents’ houses.
  • parking on the side of these roads nearest to the houses is disallowed – this is because North Approach and South Approach are both narrow roads.

These restrictions should eliminate persistent daytime, overnight and weekend parking on these two roads. The Moor Park station car park is generally empty at weekends and provides a safer and more sensible alternative for people wishing to park.

Parking for visitors to adjacent properties is on the same occasional basis as is allowed for the rest of the Estate.

These new arrangements are intended to assist and make it easier for people visiting shops and businesses on lower Main Avenue.

Security guards will enforce the restricted parking on these and other Estate roads by posting warning notices.

Updated May 2017